Yoga Kitchen Valbonne

Erle Astrup and Melanie Gulliver have created the Yoga Kitchen Valbonne- a fusion between a great yoga workout and a social healthy lunch.

A France/ Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur/ Châteauneuf-Grasse/ 30 Chemin du Plan de Clermont, 06740 Châteauneuf-Grasse, France

Erle Astrup from YOGAfusion and Melanie Gulliver from The Clever Kitchen have come together to create the Yoga Kitchen Valbonne. Background Info on Erle's Yoga business; YOGAfusion prides itself on providing a blend of Yoga, Pilates & Qi Gong that is relevant to modern living, addressing the demands of today’s lifestyles. Yoga in its classical form can be extremely challenging for the average westerner's busy mind, body and unconditioned spine. This method is the fusion of Eastern & Western...