Shanti Stupa, Pokhara

A Nepal/ Pokhara/ Pokhara/ Lakeside Road, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

Lotus Project - Shanti Yoga Ashram Nepal

The collective vision of three organizations which aim to create individual and universal peace through yoga.

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ Rudramati Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Tantra is the ancient and often misunderstood science of awakening Kundalini-Shakti energy lying dormant at the base of the spine. Unfortunately, many people have misconceptions or limited knowledge of what Tantra Yoga actually means. Tantra Yoga is the evolution and integrated practice of all yoga systems from Hatha to Astanga to Mantra and Kundalini yoga. It is a complete science which heals and balances the physical, vital and mental body through the practice of asana, pranayama, mantra, me...

Ayurveda & Yoga Dhyan

“Amrit Yoga engages the wings of your body and your being, the physical form and the formless witness consciousness. The use of both wings empowers you to

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आयुर्वेद आयुर्वेद हिन्दूहरूको ग्रन्थ हो। यो वेदको एक हाँगा हो। आयुर्वेद का आदिपुरुष भगवान धनवन्तरी हाम्रा ऋषिमहषिर्हरूले विविध भौगोलिक परिस्थिति, जलवायु, रहनसहन, खानपान आदिको सूक्ष्म अध्ययन चिन्तन मनन गरी विभिन्न वातावरण -उष्ण, शमशीतोष्ण, शीतप्रदेश)मा हुने वनस्पतिहरूको अध्ययन एवं वैज्ञानिक विश्लेषण गरी प्राणी मात्रको कल्याणका लागि आयुर्वेद शास्त्रको रचना गर्नुभएको हो। यो विश्वको प्राचीनतम चिकित्सापद्धति हो। वैदिक कालमा यो चिकित्सा पूर्ण विकसित भइसकेको कुरा वेदहरूको अध्ययनबाट बुझ्न सकिन्छ। 'ख...

Annapurna Yoga Ashram

Annapurna Yoga Ashram & Yogi's Ayurveda Health Center

A Nepal/ Pokhara/ Pokhara/ Opposite to Fishtail Gate, Lakeside, Pokhara-6, Kaski

Open since 2005, 11 year yoga master Narayan, has established one of the best ashrams in Pokhara. Located Lakeside close to all attractions he offers quality service at a great value. Private 1-on-1 sessions can be arranged, as well as groups to accommodate your needs. Services Include: - Yogic Hiking and Trekking - Yoga - Massage - Meditation - Steam Room - Reiki (healing therapy) - Honey Therapy - Mud Therapy - Water Therapy

Shanti Shanti Retreat Centre

Shanti Shanti retreat Centre is a niche and unique concept of accomodation in Bhaktapur.service includes:- yoga classes,cooking classes,budgeted room etc.

A Nepal/ Bhaktapur/ Bhaktapur/ araniko highway,suryabinayak

Maitri Yoga

Specially for yoga and meditation to the every people. Man is forgetting the right track of life and falling misery day by day. its way of love and peace. We wants to see Maitri (Compassion) to the every humankind.

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ pulchowk,laitpur

Karuna Reiki Meditation Center

A meditation and healing center with powerful and complete healing systems.

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ Chuchchepati, Chabhill

Healing,yoga and meditation

we sale singing bowls and we teach yoga and meditation !!!

A Nepal/ Lalitpur/ Lalitpur/ kwalkhu-18

Shyaam G yoga Studio

Shyaam G yoga Studio that can be in Thamel Kathmandu offered you morning and afternoon yoga meditation by Experience yoga Guru.

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

24 Hour Yoga

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ JP Road near Pilgrim Book House, Thamel Chaksibari

Sanatana Yoga Retreat

At Sanatana Yoga retreat we follow the Sadhana method which means daily practice.

A Nepal/ Pokhra/ Pokhra/ Sedi, Lakeside-6, Pokhara

Yoga And Dance Therapy Centre

Jo yog garcha yu dherae swatha huncha, Jo nachcha yu dherae bachcha

A Nepal/ Kalimati/ Kalimati/ Ganeshman sadak

Pokhara Yoga Trek

We offer trekking tours in combination with yoga and meditation in the Annapurna region. Starting and ending point is Pokhara located at beautiful Fewa lake in the western part of Nepal.

A Nepal/ Pokhara/ Pokhara/ Lakeside

Swami Dhyan Rishi (born in Nepal) is the manager of Pokhara Yoga Trek. He is teaching different yoga styles at Yeti Yoga Center in Pokhara. Languages: Nepali, English Mobile: + 977 9805887901 Mail: Janett Gareis (born in Germany) is Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2005. She has been travelling to Nepal many times since 1993. Languages: German, English

Horseback riding reiki and yoga

Nirvana horses resort offers horseback riding vacations over Chitwan National Park combined with horseback riding trails, horseback holidays, trekking in Nepal, tour, horseback riding tour, jungle horseback riding, jungle safari, Chitwan Jungle safari, b

A Nepal/ Meghauli/ Meghauli/ buddhanagar 9

Sadhana Yoga & Mediation Retreat

A Nepal/ Pokhara/ Pokhara/ Hidden Paradise Guest House Road, Pokhara 197, Nepal

The Art of Living Nepal

Welcome to The Art of Living-Nepal's official Facebook page. Visit to find out more about the courses and humanitarian projects run by The Art of Living in Nepal and world wide .

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ Chakhkhu Bakhkhu Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

In Nepal, the foundation has extended its human services through a non-profit non governmental social organization in the name of The Art of Living -Nepal,registered with District Administration Office,Lalitpur (Reg. no. 1749/060/061) in 1998 AD under the Institutional Registration Act. It is also affliated to Social Welfare Council of Nepal(SWC A. No.16078).


Daily Yoga Class, Reki Healing, Detoxification, Acupressure Therapy, Patient Check Up& All Health & Beauty Product Available.

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ Samakhusi Ring Road Track South, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Satkarma, Sankhaprakshalan weekly Doctor Check Up weekl Naturapathy therapy Daily SPECIAL YOGA CLASS;;;;;

Yoga Room Kathmandu

Center for Yoga Studies and Practice. Iyengar style, Asana, Pranayama and Yoga philosophy (in association with Vishuddhi -Center for Personal Development)

A Nepal/ Lalitpur/ Lalitpur/ Kupondole Lane, Lalitpur 44600, Nepal

'Yoga Room Kathmandu' (recently moved to Lalitpur) is a private, non-profit oriented Yoga space with an attached Yoga library. The Yoga space is fully equipped with mats, props and ropes (under preparation). It is situated in a quiet and peaceful garden, surrounded by old trees. Classes are offered on a donation basis (500 rupees/class) and donations are mainly used for school fees of Muskan Sewa Nepal (an Orphanage in Old Baneshwor). Presently classes are held by Adi, a trained Yoga teacher (32...


Interested in getting healthier? Gaining insight into your future? Affordable Yoga solutions designed to address your very specific Need.

A Nepal/ Lalitpur/ Lalitpur/ Jhamsikhel Road, Lalitpur 44700, Nepal

Yoga can achieve HAPPINESS. We all seek happiness, but people generally seek outside themselves. Yoga teaches us to understand that HAPPINESS should be sought within us because HAPPINESS really means harmony of body, mind and soul. Practicing yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation, that physical, psychological, mental and spiritual balance that is the source of happiness can be achieved. If you are correct and persistently practiced Yoga can give health and harmony. yoga offers countl...

Yog In Nepal

Patanjali Yog Samiti Nepal is a leading community based health awareness as well as motivational organization. It has many followers and well wishers.

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ BCN Park Walking Trail UN Park, Lalitpur 44600, Nepal

योगको परिचयः योग शब्द वेद, उपनिषद, गीता, पुराण आदि प्राचिन कालदेखि नै व्यवहारमा आएको देखिन्छ । आत्मदर्शन तथा समाधि देखि लिएर कर्म क्षेत्र सम्म योगको व्यापक प्रयोग भएको देखिन्छ । योग दर्शनका आविस्कारक महर्षी पतञ्जली हुन् । उनको भनाईमा योगको अर्थ चित्तवृत्ति निरोध बताउनु हुन्छ । जस्तो प्रमाण, प्रतिकुलता, विकल्प, निन्द्रा र स्मृति यी पञ्च वृत्तिहरु योगको अभ्यास साधना र वैराग्यबाट मनै देखि लयबद्ध रुपले आफ्नो स्वरुपमा अवस्थित हुनु योग हो । महर्षी व्यासको विचारमा समाधीनै योग हो । सम्यमपूर्वक साधना गर्...

Deep Yoga

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ Manshree Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Patanjali Yog Samiti Udayapur

Patanjali Yog samiti Udayapur, Nepal is here for your help which will guide you about the use of herbal medicine and about how to do different types of yoga... you can leave us message about your feedback, suggestion and about your problem in our Fb page

A Nepal/ Udayapur Garhi/ Udayapur Garhi/ Shanti Marg, Triyuga 56300, Nepal

The Art of Living Dharan

Welcome to The Art of Living-Dharan official Facebook page. Visit to find out more about the courses and humanitarian projects run by The Art of Living in Nepal and world wide .

A Nepal/ Dharan/ Dharan/ Rotary Club of Dharan

The Art of Living Foundation has spread peace across communities through diverse humanitarian projects, including conflict resolution, disaster relief, sustainable rural development, empowerment of women, prisoner rehabilitation, education for all, and environmental sustainability.

Hotel Himalaya Yoga

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu Guest House Road, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Pranamaya Yoga

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ Kantipath, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal


Shree yoga Programs are designed to help you lead a healthier more fulfilled lifestyle that supports your yoga practice.

A Nepal/ Pokhara/ Pokhara/ Lakeside

Shree Yoga has created a dynamic, challenging program that combines strength and movement. Be prepared to sweat! We guide you through structured and motivating workouts to maximize your body’s potential and health. Shree Yoga offers Yoga Retreats throughout the year in Pokhara. Our most experienced instructors lead each of our yoga classes, so you'll get to immerse yourself in a number of fabulous yoga classes and other activities. Join us and allow yourself to completely decompress.

Aura Reiki Yoga Nepal Pvt.Ltd

This is a unique junction for get way to transformation.

A Nepal/ Kathmandu/ Kathmandu/ Ground floor,Metro Park Building, Lazimpat

Who is in the team? Mr. Phanindra Pandey: Director Mr. Bhabi Sharma: Director Mr.Abhit Pyakurel: Director/ Instructor Mr.Shanta Shakya: Director Ms. Shivili Rana Chandra: Marketing & Strategy Consultant

Jeevan Vigyan

A Nepal/ Central Region/ Kathmandu/ Pragya Marg Near Katyeni Temple