Ahimsa Academy Cambodia

Through a variety of teachings we offer you the chance to detox, and revitalise through the teachings of Yoga, Chen Taji Chuan and Medicinal Qi Gong.

A Cambodia/ Siem Reap/ Siem Reap/ No. 9 Slorkram Commune

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Mon-Sun: 06:00-21:30

The Ahimsa Academy in Siem Reap, Cambodia is close to the main market area and yet is just 15 minutes cycle ride from the magnificent Ankor Wat Temple complex. Surrounded by tropical trees and plants it offers an oasis of peace and tranquility. At the Ahimsa Academy we offer an opportunity to escape from the stresses of modern life. Through a variety of teachings and retreats we can offer you the chance to detox, rejuvenate and revitalise your body, to experience Taoist Qigong and Chen Style Taiji Chuan, Yoga and Meditation and to learn a life long practise that will help you to reach greater fulfilment, health and happiness in your day-to-day life. Whether your interest lies in the practice of Yoga, Qi gong and Tai Chi or lies in a pathway to recuperate from a health issues, there is something here for you at the Academy. We try to cater for the needs of each and every individual regardless of their level of fitness, health, or experience and importantly we encourage everybody to reach their full potential. The founder and head teacher, Thomas Ogram began to study martial arts as a teenager and was attracted by the philosophy and the fact that the practice would strengthen his mind and body and as a means to understand himself at a much deeper level. He has been blessed to have received tuition from some of the very highest level masters of various arts and continues to teach the arts in the traditional way, as they have been taught for a very long time. His life long interest in healing methods led him to the study of Medicinal Qigong an ancient Chinese medical system utilising breathing techniques and movement that is fast gaining recognition for being very effective and this forms the backbone of the health recovery programs he offers. The Ahimsa Academy offers Long Term Study options, short term 1 week retreats, drop in classes and different health practices in the teachings of Yoga, Qi Gong and Chen Style Taiji Chuan. We also offer free Online tutorials for health benefit and injury re-rehabilitation, correct posture and helpful information to improve your daily lives. Please visit our main Website for more information and tutorials. Thankyou