Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Mildura

Mildura's first Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Studio - Christopher Harrison branded fitness technique.

A Australia/ Victoria/ Mildura/ 1 Sky Court, Mildura VIC 3500, Australia

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Introducing Mildura’s very first Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga studio. An uplifting experience that will take you to another world. Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga is accessible to all, regardless of your age, body type, fitness level or knowledge of yoga. It’s all about having fun while learning to fly – nurturing playful energy all whilst conditioning the body. Revolutionary in relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe. A new way to cultivate strength, power and flexibility. Available are 6-week Beginners Introduction Programs, Restorative Anti-Gravity, Level 1 and 2 Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Programs, and Children’s Anti-Gravity Yoga – a little something for everyone. I also work closely with children, who live with autism spectrum disorders around the Sunraysia region. Anti-Gravity provides the children with an awareness of security and safety inside the hammock – being able to focus on their individual space and shut off the outside world. Furthermore, the children are guided through mindfulness and meditation in each session as well as breathing techniques that help to calm the mind and body.