BYCH Hot Yoga

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Mon-Sun: 09:00-21:00

BYCH Hot Yoga offers 52 hot yoga classes a week, consisting of 2 types of lessons: BYCH Classic (90 mins) and BYCH Cardio (60mins). BYCH Classic - Traditional hot yoga practiced over 90 minutes in a room heated to 40ºC; comprising a fixed sequence of standing and floor postures that is designed to safely stretch and open the body in preparation for the next posture. BYCH Cardio - A 60-minute hot yoga class focusing on standing & floor postures. The combination of the heat and intensity of the postures creates a great cardio effect. This is an alternative work out for runners or people who love aerobic exercise. It is also perfect for those on the go. = Benefits of Hot Yoga = BYCH Hot Yoga creates and maintains mobility, and allows us to have a better quality of life. Detailed instructions from the yoga teachers re-educate our nervous system; re-establish a connection between mind and body; and balance flexibility and strength. Through the sequence of yoga postures, our body’s systems become more intelligent. = Why Choose BYCH Hot Yoga = BYCH Hot Yoga’s classes focus on practicing yoga postures with precision and intensity. This allows bones and muscles, the whole body, to work together efficiently, promoting the healing process while quietening the mind. Practitioners de-stress in class and experience calmness and serenity, even as they are sweating it out. It is a form of physical mediation. Physically accessible to people of all ages, fitness levels and conditions, BYCH Hot Yoga leads to increased health, fitness, mental clarity and ultimate relaxation for practitioners by building a strong physical and mental foundation. Ready to try hot yoga with BYCH Hot Yoga? Buy your beginner’s pass here: