Balance Chakra Yoga

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Eva and Shirlyn created this unique yoga practice based upon the 25 major chakras originally channeled by Robert Detzler, the founder of Spiritual Response Therapy. Balance Chakra Yoga is designed to help you discover your own individual truth, power and well-being through a blending of breathing techniques, gentle yet powerful yoga sequences and postures, chakra symbols, and meditation. In our private classes you will discover: • Each of Chakra names, purposes and healing/balancing capabilities • How to fully open and energize them through meditation, symbols, colors, gemstones and yoga stances. • How to read the akashic records contained in each and use this information to guide and empower you to live your truth and • How to create more mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance, power, and fulfillment in your life. Our Balance Chakra Yoga Retreat is suitable for complete beginners, those returning, after a yoga break & intermediate yogis. Our Balance Chakra Yoga is completely relaxed, allowing everyone to work at their own level while bringing the appropriate amount of energy and healing to each yogic center in the body and mind.