Dilek is a soul traveller with a yearning desire to explore and enjoy life fully. She teaches private & group classes in heavenly island, Bali now.

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Dilek has been teaching flow yoga since 2003. Her yoga journey has started in New York in 1998. After teaching private and group classses in NYC, Sri Lanka, Bodrum and Istanbul , her dream came true in 2005 and she started teaching in her own yoga studio, OPEN Body&Mind (one of the first studios in Istanbul). When the city life became too overwhelming for her, she found her new home in Bali in 2011 and here she teaches private classes and runs workshops and is loving every second of it. Dilek's other passion is healthy eating. She recently graduated from MacroAmerica and is now A CERTIFIED MACROBIOTİC CONSULTANT. She also holds MA from New York University. She is an ex-advertising professional, certified photographer and NIA dance instructor. Her Trainings and Certifications: 2002 Molly Fox , Anusara based Hatha Teacher Training, New York 2003 Caroline Cohles, NIA Level 1 Training, New York 2004 Sarah Powers, Yin Yoga, New York 2005 Shiva Rea, Embodying the Flow: Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training, Kerala India 2005 Shiva Rea,Marma Nadi Teacher Training, Bali Indonesia 2006 Shiva Rea,Yoga Trance Dance Teacher Training, 2008 Jonathan Urla, Mat-based Pilates Teaching Certification Program 2008 Osho Miasto, Osho Diamond Breath Basic Training , Tuscany, Italy 2009 Absolute Hot Yoga Teacher Training, Koh Samui Thailand 2013 Macrobiotics Global Online1-Year Counselor Training Program 2002-2013 Workshops, Conferences & Yoga Festivals with Dharma Mittra,John Friend, Ana Forrest, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Elena Brower, Seane Corn, Godfrey Devereux, John Ogilvy, David Swenson, Matt Withwell, Manju Jois, Max Storm, Rodney Yee,Cyndi Lee, Richard Freeman