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What is Flying Yoga? Flying yoga is a new type of yoga that uses a circus hammock as a tool to help students achieve the traditional yoga positions as well as pose unique to flying yoga. Traditional yoga positions lead us to a calm nervous system. At its core, the practice of Yoga is process of calming our nervous system through stretches, deep breathing, and actively letting go of stressful thoughts so that we can stop seeing the world through fear, anger, sadness or desire. Since these emotions determine what attracts, distracts and repulses us, when they are no longer dominant in our minds coloring how we see the world, we are not easily manipulated by advertising, political agendas, or people with ill intentions. This means we feel more in control of our everyday decisions and therefore our lives. Preparing for class For your own comfort, it is recommended that you: arrive 15 minutes before class begins to allow time for hammock adjustment eat 1 or 2 hours before attending class are not overly hungry when attending class, so that you do not get “light-headed” when upside-down wear clothing that covers the your armpit area, backs of the knees, and entire midriff use Yoga mat for the floor sections of the class remove socks and have clean feet remove all jewelry/watches/hairclips that can get caught on the hammock listen carefully to the instructors directions for your safety inform the instructor of any medical conditions prior to class Flying Yoga Price Walk In: P800 Group of 3 (Walk in): P1200 First time Flyers 3 sessions: P1500 (2weeks) *8 sessionsP3000 (1 month) *10 sessions: P4500 (2months) Mat Yoga Price Walk in: 200 3+1 Card for P600 (1 month) *10 sessions: P1600 (1 month) *10 sessions: P1800 (2 months) Monthly Yoga:P3000 (1 month) Kids Yoga Price 1 month straight session P1100 Walk in P300 Pregnancy Yoga P350 (by Reservation) Mat Yoga Promos Corporate Yoga Events (Mat Yoga) 5 persons (P160): P800 per session. Fun with your friends promo walk-in rate of P200 for the first two friends then onlyP99 for succeeding friends who join the same class. Flying Yoga Promos Student Promo (Flying Yoga) P399 only! (Bring an ID and should be 18 years old below) Wednesday and Saturday Promo Gabbie and Angela Flying Yoga Class P500 Valentine's Day Promo Couples Yoga P599 (by Reservation) Other Promos: Affordable Sessions P99 only! For Selected Classes @ Jyoga Cebu! Flying yoga Wed,Sat Promo Gabbie and Angela class 500pesos, call now!!!