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H yoga and healing by Heidi Poon, providing services to heal your mind, body and soul with love.

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Service provide, Hatha yoga, therapy yoga, mindfulness yoga, office yoga, pregnancy yoga. --- Group or private class. Certified SRT(Spiritual Response Therapy) Practitioner ---- Private healing session Certified Angel Card Reader ---- Private or remote reading Our Mission, In the center of our logo is the Chinese character of "heart". In Chinese, the meaning of heart is not only about an organ, but also the mind. The mind contains our feelings, emotions, memories, will power. When we are practicing yoga, we go through all of that. It's like peeling an onion, layers by layers, then we can touched to the core, that is love. Love is the essence of every person, every soul. And only love is unbreakable and eternal. So our heart is like a bridge, to link us back to our source and to remember who we really are. The universe and wisdoms are holding in the heart, and only when we are connecting with our heart, we connect to every individuals. "Yoga brings us back to our heart, and the practice always come from the heart." Namaste. About the teacher, Heidi Poon, Heidi has been working in the fitness and wellness industry for more than 10 years. Her journey is from physical to spiritual, she is always sensitive and intuitive since she was very young. Heidi was a personal trainer since 2001, and worked at California Fitness. Her first yoga class started at 2005, yoga brought her a totally different feelings, it made her calm, be patient and inward focus. It was like a magnet to her and she continue the yoga journey. Starting from 2009, she became a full time yoga teacher and been teaching at Pure Yoga, the well-known yoga centre in Asia from 2009 to 2014. She is holding the 200 hours yoga teacher training certificate under Yoga Alliance, 200 hours teacher training by Paul Grilley, the founder of Yin Yoga, registered prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher under Yoga Alliance, and learned from different senior yoga teacher such as Simon Low, Ellen Heed, Anodea Judith... etc In 2013, Heidi started to learn different spiritual healing tools and get certification such as Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Reiki, Angel Therapy, Chakra meditation etc. All of these energy work opens up her channelling ability from the higher power, at the mean time she become more intuitive and sensitive to people's energy. For now, Heidi's way of teaching is to combine all of her knowledge of the body, mind and soul. Yoga or any spiritual healing tools is just assisting her to conduct her life mission, to awake people and spread love. She follows her inner voice and intuition, use her heart to connect with people's heart and offer what do they need at that moment. "If you can feel the pleasure, calmness and be yourself only when you are on the yoga mat, and only when you are using the healing tools, this is a limiting practice. Yoga and all kinds of spiritual practice is philosophy, and should be an ongoing practice in your everyday living. It has no form and no shape, it can be practicing in anywhere and everywhere. For me, enlightment is to be in the present moment and enjoy life!" 服務包括: 哈達瑜伽、治療瑜伽、孕婦瑜伽 靈性反應治療咨詢師 天使卡解讀咨詢師 我們的宗旨: 我們徽標的中間位置是中文字「心」。心的解釋不單止是一個器官,還代表我們的心靈,心靈裡面包含着各種感情、情緒、記憶、意志。當練習瑜伽時,我們會經歷這一切,就好像把洋蔥一層一層地撕開,直至到達核心,就是愛。愛是每一個人,每一個靈魂的本質,亦只有愛才是永恆及不能被毀滅的。所以我們的心就好像一道橋,把我們連接到本源,及記起我們真實的自己。當我們連繫着我們的心時,會發現其實整個宇宙和世間上所有的智慧,也在這裡。也只有由心出發,我們才可與世上每一個個體去連繫。 「瑜伽練習把我們帶回內心,而每一次練習也應該是由心出發。」 Namaste. 創辦人的簡歷: Heidi 是一位瑜伽導師,以及靈性治療師。她熱愛瑜伽及所有靈性練習,一切可讓她回到內在及面對自己的東西。由她的第一課瑜伽課直至現在,她都是抱着一顆愛與公平之心來教導,希望每一個人也能享受瑜伽練習,每一個人也能找回屬於自己的空間。 從小她便喜歡運動,從2001年開始,成為健身教練,在一間大型健身中心任教。2005年的某一天,在好奇心驅使下,想看看「瑜伽是什麼」,便開始了她人生的第一堂瑜伽。這第一次,帶給她前所未有的寧靜。從此,瑜伽便好像磁石般吸引着她,亦好像一度大門,引領她到不同層面的靈性練習,認識不同的人與事,把她從一個衝動、暴燥、消極、情緒化的她,慢慢變得有耐性、懂得體諒人及喜歡思考,一步一步把她帶上覺醒之路。在2009年,Heidi正式成為全職瑜伽導師,一直在一間大型瑜伽中心任教,從一對一,至60多人的課堂,課堂類型有動態、靜態、伸展、治療、冥想及孕婦瑜珈。 她教授過不同年齡、國籍、及身體狀況的人,然而她發現,所有身體上的狀況,例如長期痛症和疾病,都來自我們的心,都因為我們的心有很多未解的結。 “The body is never tense, the mind does.” 不但我們身體上的痛苦,就連我們生活上的所有問題,也是心的顯現。瑜伽絕對不只是一連串的肢體動作,更加不只是讓你有超強的柔軟度,它能把你帶回當下,讓你認識自己,慢慢去了解問題的根源。它是一種療癒工具,它是一種智慧。 「我希望可以把這個信息一直傳遞下去,分享一切我所知道的,為大家帶來一個安靜與自由的空間,讓你們可以好好放鬆自己,開始和自己從心對話的旅程。 ~~~~Heidi」 服務包括: 哈達瑜伽、治療瑜伽、孕婦瑜伽 靈性治療 (靈性反應治療) 天使卡解讀