Happy Kid-ult Yoga 快樂童‧大瑜伽

Being Happy is what everyone wants to be at all ages. Let's share the happiness of yoga. 每個人也想擁抱快樂,來讓我們一起透過瑜伽分享喜悅。

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Yoga is an ancient science that helps create health and well-being by building awareness, strength, and flexibility in both mind and body. You can name a list of benefits of yoga for adults, while will that be the same for kids? The answer is YES, and more. Our studio focus on providing Family Yoga, Kids Yoga and Pre/Postnatal Yoga in a nurturing atmosphere to help your children or you to relax and have fun as well as developing body awareness, better focus and concentration, and self confidence. 自古以來,瑜伽就是一種科學。持續適合的練習可讓我們平衡身心健康,對於成人而言,它的好處數之不盡,但相對小朋友而言,其功效會否一樣? 答案當然“是”,並比你相像中更多。Happy Kid-ult Yoga 快樂童‧大瑜伽的創立是為了讓孩子在開心、鼓勵和沒有競爭的環境下學習身體和心理的成長。孩子透過不同課堂的練習以增加身體的認知能力、力量和柔軟度,而在專注力上亦會變得更集中,更能學會安靜,以平衡日常其他學習的壓力。 本中心提供的課程由小朋友未出世至成人都有,某些課程更適合一家大細共同參與,從而建立更密切的關係。快來與我們在開心的環境下練習瑜伽,放鬆身心。