Jennifer Musselman | Los Angeles Therapist

Life & Yoga Therapist. Masters in Clinical Psychology offering compassion and honesty to create a happier, healthier you!

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Santa Monica Life Therapist and Communications Strategist specializing in relationships: marriage, family, the relationship with yourself. Offering insight with compassion and honesty to create a happier, healthier you! Employed and supervised by UCLA Psychologist Dr. Eunice Kim (Psy21462), I am a registered Marriage & Family Therapist (IMF 70103) intern with over 3 years success helping people leader meaningful and engaged lives. As a former communications executive for MTV Networks Kids & Family, I also have a unique understanding of the pressures it dishes up and know first hand the importance of therapy to talent, producers and business executives navigating this world. I understand first hand: LIFE CAN BE TOUGH. So I ask: Who has your back? Are you bored in your life or career? Do you feel alone and lonely, despite that you love your partner and your two adorable kids? Are you the last single one left in your group and are questioning if you will ever meet the love of your life? Do you feel misunderstood, not good enough, scared? Are you escaping your feelings with drugs and alcohol, elaborate vacations, shopping, work? You know something is there, percolating beneath the surface and you can't quite put your finger on it. My speciality is understanding YOU. Seeing how you see the world. How it has handled you. And how you have responded in return. You tell your story...we find the humor in it, the hurt, the anger. We break-down defenses. I offer insight - without judgement - with nerve, compassion & honesty. My background is in understanding men in all stages of life. Their fears, their hurt, their defense mechanisms, their desires...and how that affects you..sons, daughters, dates and friendships. And how perceptions and your life stories just might be informing your struggles. I'm not into quick fixes, magic potions, or psychic predictions of your future, just an open door and skill. You talk. I listen and offer guidance. No judgment, no coddling, and no excuses. This is a journey. So put your seatbelt on.