Kay Sy

Kay Sy is a licensed Pilates Instructor and plant based nutritional coach. Her studio, Powerhouse Pilates, is located in La Vista, Katipunan in QC.

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Health and wellness have always been the biggest parts of Kay’s life. Early on in life, she has been battling with an extreme skin asthma condition with attacks being so severe that it made simple acts seems difficult and painful to accomplish. By age 12, Kay started her journey on detoxing, cleansing and juicing to try and help her recurring skin condition. Thankfully, green juicing and a regular cleanse appeared to help manage her symptoms but still did not completely take it away. In the summer of 2006, after visits to several alternative doctors, she finally decided to completely eliminate meat and dairy from her diet making things better. Along with this and the discovery in the recent years that food intolerances and a weak immune system have been causing her conditions, a vegan lifestyle seemed to be most beneficial. With this and recurring back pains, she was able to realize a needed change in lifestyle as well as the discovery of Pilates. The combination of the right nutrition and the practice of Pilates became the start of a better and more nourishing life! Realizing that the exercise became more than just a successful program that improved her posture and back problems, Pilates became a passion, motivation and part of her new way of life. By 2010, Kay took her practice to the next level by getting her International Instructor Certification from the BASI Pilates Program in Singapore. In her training, she learned to teach Pilates with passion, dedication and a deep sense of commitment to the Pilates principle of ensuring happiness through physical fitness. She has been a teaching in Singapore since 2011 at Studio UP Tanjong Pagar. Her teaching style and philosophy includes the combination of 3 types of methods: Classical Pilates, Eve Gentry and the BASI Program. By the end of 2012, Kay finally followed her heart and shifted careers. From the finance world, she shifted to the Health and Wellness Industry in Singapore - working for the highly respected Australian-owned company, Sana Cleanse. It was during her 1-year stay with the company that she was able to apply and fully expand her knowledge in Juicing and Plant-Based Nutrition. She worked closely with clients handling their nutrition needs as well helping in formulating and developing new cleanses and detox programs. She further expanded her knowledge in Nutrition by completing her Plant-Based Nutrition course from Cornell University in the same year. Though not limited to just a plant-based approach, since then she has been helping clients with their nutrition needs specifically those who are interested to learn more and practice a wholesome or plant-based approach to nutrition. Today, Kay is bringing all her knowledge and experience about Food, Nutrition and Fitness to Manila – opening her mat-based Pilates home studio, Kay shares her passion for Pilates through her array of classes at Powerhouse and the same time sharing her advocacy in Food and Nutrition through her Plant-Based Nutritional Coaching. Kay is a strong believer that living a healthy lifestyle is not a cookie cutter fit for all to follow. It is rather an individualistic approach of finding what is right and what feels right to each one. Her journey with food and Pilates led her to understand that each individual is different, thus making her approach very personalized and hands-on. “Each one of us responds to certain foods and exercise in a different way. All of us, when willing, has to go through the journey of finding out what is right for us.” - Kay