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Krama Yoga is first's Asia yoga ngo run by Cambodian people in dedicated to bring yoga to life in Cambodia. /

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Krama Yoga is a Cambodian NGO run by young men and women who have changed their lives with yoga and now provide Kids Yoga, Teen Yoga and Yoga Therapy classes for other young Cambodians. Krama Yoga exists to support personal transformation and empowerment by offering yoga and life skills to children and adolescents who may be challenged by poverty, abuse, addictions, or lack of familial support. Krama Yoga is a non- political, non-profit, non-governmental Cambodian organization legally registered in the Kingdom of Cambodia since December 2010. Krama Yoga is an yoga community based on a shared understanding and commitment to healthy and non-violent living. A community that believes that bringing peace in society starts by finding peace within one’s self and that positive relationships and mindful living enables such peace to last. The mission of Krama Yoga is to build and sustain a yoga community for people from all backgrounds, by providing yoga-based classes and programs that cultivate healthy bodies and peaceful minds. Our mission is achieved through kids, teen and trauma sensitive yoga classes for young Cambodians through partnerships with NGOs that offer educational or therapeutic services to underprivileged youth. Krama Yoga believes that awareness and self-care skills are essential to becoming stable and empowered adults in a changing social environment. Krama Yoga has four core programs our-program-img1 1. Kids Yoga program Krama Yoga teachers and teacher trainees use cooperation games, songs, fun yoga poses and laughter to initiate boys and girls under the age of 13 into a lifelong love of health, community and well-being. Every class includes lessons on healthy living and teaches empathy, confidence and communication skills, reinforcing the importance of self-respect and compassion. our-program-img2 2. BodySmart Lifeskills program Young adults participating in NGO vocational training programs or tertiary education complement their learning with a personal development and leadership initiative based on the Krama Yoga BodySmart philosophy. BodySmart Lifeskills applies a specially designed philosophy curriculum that encourages reflection upon one’s behavior, emotions, actions and relationships and teaches young adults a vocabulary they can use to express their feelings and experience of the world. BodySmart Lifeskills offers young adults from under-privileged backgrounds the chance to lead a life different from the one they grew up in. It enables them to cultivate self-confidence and leadership skills to overcome the prejudice and challenges they face when entering a new social environment and taking on new responsibilities in life. BodySmart Lifeskills program provides concrete opportunities for those students so that they can establish their own yoga self-practice; establish a foundation for teaching; become a Kids Yoga teacher; and eventually become internationally certified Yoga teachers. Krama-Our-Program-img3 3. Yoga Therapy program Trauma-sensitive instruction is a critical component of all outreach classes at Krama Yoga. Yoga teachers are trained to perceive symptoms of trauma and deep stress in students through behavioral cues, as well as to generate a safe environment that exercises the body and mind and minimizes the likelihood of stimulating trauma triggers. Krama Yoga currently offers trauma sensitive yoga classes to young women through partnerships with organizations that provide after-care to survivors of human trafficking. Krama Yoga teachers work closely with professional case-workers to help students manage emotional responses to the physical practice of yoga. By facilitating a gentle and sensitive physical practice, trauma sensitive yoga eases young women back into a sense of control and empowerment within their own bodies. Krama-Our-Program-img4 4. Nataraj Yoga Studio – Social Enterprise Krama Yoga generates funds by running a public studio that offers high quality yoga classes to a paying clientele. 100% of profits from the Nataraj Yoga studio are used for developing Cambodian yoga teaching capacity and enabling new outreach projects for children, teens and young adults. Nataraj Yoga is a public yoga studio that has been in operation in Cambodia since 2004. The studio offers daily yoga classes taught by qualified instructors in a wide range of yoga styles. The Nataraj Studio enables teaching and professional development opportunities for Krama Yoga teacher training graduates, as well as hosting professional expatriate yoga teachers and visiting world class instructors. At Nataraj Studio, while you get a great yoga practice, your support helps us reach beyond the yoga mat to help others. For more information