Life Moves Through ~ Yoga & Somatic Arts

Embodied movement and therapy for the body, mind, and spirit. Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Embodied Gymnastics & Yoga for all ages.

A United States/ CA/ Los Angeles/ @ The Moving Joint, Pamper &Play, Palms Park Los Angeles, Cerritos Park East, Palms Park Lakewood

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Somatic Therapy looks at life in its fullness: body, mind, emotions, culture, nature and spirit. It reclaims the individual body the personal spirit and the transpersonal soul, holding that wholeness is what heals. We must tend our flesh just as we tend our thoughts. In order to heal and thrive, we must care for our relationships, the earth, and for all living things--knowing there is no separation. Life Moves Through is the idea that, if we bring our cells to the to the present, we become clear channels that life and love move through in radiant flow. It is learning to dance compassionately with challenges that arise, and opening the heart wide enough to hold everything. It is a full embrace of all levels and kinds of experience and the importance of working in the details of our lives. Knowing that our deepest dreams and deepest fears are waiting for our listening. Our classes and programs bring in understandings from somatic psychology, developmental psychology, polarity therapy, bodywork, neuroscience, brain-mind state work, trauma release, embodiment practices, theosophy, and a deep investigation of yoga and meditative philosophies weaving between the symbolic and pragmatic. This page is includes information about Life Moves Through programs, Laura Fuller's classes and a place to share thoughts, and a place to uplift everyone who is working on similar goals. If you have a local event or class, please post it here. If you have a thought or question, or pictures,please post those as well.