Namaskar Vegetarian cafe

NAMASKAR Vegetarian Café offers only sentient food which nourishes not only the body but also the mind and spirit . Prepared and cooked with mantra & love.

A Philippines/ Caloocan/ Caloocan/ 531 EDSA (beside Chinabank) cor. Biglang-Awa St., Caloocan City

T (+63)(2)463-73-63, (+63)(2)4637470; +639187840309 W S Share this:

Mon-Sun: 10:00-21:00

NAMASKAR Vegetarian café is a haven for people who want to have a different kind of dining experience. We offer only sentient (sattvik) vegetarian food (good for the body and mind promoting higher consciousness) with warm and courteous staff providing you with the best, delicious and healthy meal. One can also enjoy night life in our café by listening to good music from performances of different musicians during our production night on scheduled basis including creative expressions of artists exhibiting their innate talent in varied form of visual and performing art. Subtle ambiance will delight everyone where pure positive vibration enhances relaxed, peace and serene state of mind. We also offer regular yoga class in the morning having 3 sessions from 6-9 a.m. before the café start serving meal at 10 a.m. Our main specialties that we proudly offer are wide array of salads and pastas including sandwiches, burgers, fruits and vegetable juices not to mention our main and side dishes. We envision of being an establishment that is total counter-culture, radically different from traditional, old-fashioned, static night bar and restaurant that is why it is an absolutely smoke, alcohol, intoxicant, meat and guiltless free venue. In addition to that, every time you eat at our cafe, 10% of your total payment goes to our social service and environmental projects a way to go for really doing something great for yourself and humanity as well. Healthy conscious people who want to relax, have a good nutritious healthy food and enjoy night life have found the right place. Come, visit and dine with us and feel better! NAMASKAR Vegetarian café is a total new experience for everyone especially to those who want to have a sublime experience of ecstatic bliss!