Peak Physique Hot Yoga

Peak Physique Hot Yoga are hot yoga studios providing Hot 26, Hot Blend, Hot Power, Hot Vinyasa, Warm Variation & Pre Natal yoga classes.

A Australia/ South Australia/ Adelaide/ 264-266 Tapleys Hill Road, Seaton SA 5023, Australia

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Mon-Sun: 05:45-11:00

Peak Physique Hot Yoga are Hot Yoga studios in Adelaide. We have two studios in locations Seaton & Prospect. Our Seaton studio is located at 260A Tapleys Hill Road, Seaton. We provide beginners, intermediate and advanced Hot Yoga classes. Our hot yoga aims to stretch and tone the body providing internal and external benefits. Such benefits occur with consistent practice weight loss, skin softening and glowing, toning muscles, reducing headaches, reducing chatter & anxiety, increasing energy levels, balancing blood sugar levels and also increase sexual vitality. For class times visit our website Cost (please note NO EFTPOS) Intro Pass (once off) - $20 for 5 classes to use within 7 days $16 per casual Visit $140 for 10 Session Card (3 & Half month Expiry) $18 per week Foundation Membership (unlimited classes visit all locations) 28 Day Challengers Policy: * You may only register the Friday 1st August 2014, all students (casual students and members) are able to register. * We have a maximum of 35 registered challengers. If our maximum number of registrations have not been filled Friday 1st August, you may register Saturday 2nd August. * We will make a Facebook announcement Friday night 1st with notification whether our registrations are full. * After registration you may book online for our classes, if you don't book we urge you to arrive at least 15 mins prior to class to ensure you get a spot. * If you miss a class you may make up with a double session prior to 31st August 2014. * All 28 Day Challengers who complete the challenge will win our Direct Debit $11 per week membership. Your contract is valid for only one year, your membership after this time will revert back to the $18 per week membership.