Pole Dance Academy Singapore

Your fitness, your rules. Pole Dance Academy offers pole, yoga and dance classes for all levels!

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Mon-Sun: 17:00-22:00

We are the very first boutique studio in Singapore that offers both pole dancing and yoga classes! “WHY YOGA + POLE?” Well, we recognise that many pole dancing students in Singapore turn to yoga as a complementing workout, and wish to create a single location for them to practice both workouts conveniently. We’ve lost count of the number of times a pole dancer has said, “Can’t pole today, need to stretch it out at yoga class”. So, why not offer the service under the same roof, and make it easier for everyone? Not forgetting the yogis… We also recognise a potential new variation for yoga practitioners to add to their practice, due to similarities in yoga poses and pole fitness tricks. For example, did you know that many yoga poses have been reinvented on the pole? Both pole dancing and yoga practitioners possess tenacity, perseverance and love for challenges. They can tap into each workout to improve the other! “Awesomesauce. So what are some of the classes we can expect to have at Pole Dance Academy?” At PDA, we want to offer variety. Because not everyone is a sexy pole dancer, the same way not everyone is a hardcore handstanding yogi. Some people just… prefer certain other styles. So aside from our standard class syllabus, we’ve also included ‘flavour’ classes like ballet, burlesque, and booty, amongst others. We will be offering a range of yoga classes that focus on different needs, and you can look out for the Yoga for Pole Dancers class too! At the end of the day, we want everyone to find something that they can own and improve. There is no one strict road to getting fit. You should be loving what you’re doing. (That’s why we don’t make our students do jogging warmups. Ugh. Who does that?!) Hence our awesome tagline: “Your Fitness, Your Rules.”