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Integrate some peace through meditation, chanting, pranayama (breath), and asanas (poses) into your life and achieve oneness of mind and body. Yoga does not only focus on the physical body giving you strength, balance, and flexibility but also helps mentally with your focus, physiologically with your health, and emotionally for you. Join us, have fun, and meet the bubbly and supportive practitioners. Daily classes are offered. All classes are open level classes. Options are given for different levels of practitioners. REMINDERS: 1. Bring your own mats. It's a lot exciting if you own one. If you have none yet, yoga mats are available for rent. 2. Bring your sweat towels. 3. Come to class 10 mins before time to savor the serenity of the place, be comfortable with the surroundings, meet the other practitioners, and settle your mind down. 4. Come with an open mind. 5. Leave your ego behind. 6. Bring a friend. The more, the merrier. 7. Smile and be ready to have fun.