Soulmade Yoga & Tearoom

SoulMade Yoga and Tearoom is a yoga space, tearoom and shop.

A Thailand/ Bangkok/ Bangkok/ 40 Ekamai 12 (Soi Chareonjai)

T (+662) 381 - 4645 W S Share this:

Preenun Nana (Toom) the founder, has a dream to offer yoga and other soul fulfilling activities in a small and homey ambience initiating from the fact that she’d love to share the beauty of yoga with everyone. Apart from Yoga, she would also love to share the sense of well-being to her clients. SoulDelight corner has to offer special selection of herbal tea and infusion with healthy (and mostly vegetarian) light meal; while SoulMade shop has varieties of handmade items or heart selected objects. SoulMade is the first yoga studio that offers Kripalu Yoga. a glimpse on Kripalu Yoga: Kripalu is a form of Hatha yoga which focuses on asana, breathing and meditation at the same time. It's the approach that leads the practitioner to self inquiry and self awareness and helps integrating body, mind and spirit. Please call 02 381 4645 for more details