Spacious Yoga - Ashtanga Vinyasa with Iain Grysak

Mysore style Ashtanga practice, workshops and Immersion courses in Ubud, Bali with Iain Grysak

A Indonesia/ Ubud/ Ubud/ The Seeds of Life Cafe, #2 Jl. Goutama

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Spacious Yoga honors and utilizes the structure of the traditional Mysore method of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice. Workshops and longer courses on themes around the energetic and physical alignment of body and breath in asana and pranayama, as well as Yoga philosophy and lifestyle are used to supplement and deepen a daily Mysore style practice. The context of the physical practice is inspired by and embedded in the Buddha’s investigations of the nature of the interaction of mind and matter. The practice is transmitted in a way that attempts to be non-authoritarian. I am deeply inspired by the ideas of Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad in this respect. Structure and authority are inherent and necessary in any formalized course of teaching. However, I teach the practice in a way that places the overall well being of the student above the maintenance of any physical or philosophical ideology. I encourage practitioners to use the practice in a way that builds self-trust, independence and acceptance – hence true freedom – rather than self-mistrust, dependency and measuring oneself against an unobtainable ideal – and hence bondage to an authoritarian hierarchy (whether internal or external). This paradigm of practice is a work in progress and will evolve and adapt to changing conditions and ideas over time.