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We are specifically for PVC yoga mats and other yoga mat Pilates excercise designed by the PVC ( Polyvinyl Chloride) + TC mesh, formed through the high-density foam, PVC yoga mat with more than ordinary better flexibility; unique anti-tear TC mesh, can effectively prevent the mat in the course of the crack phenomenon, in addition, the specially designed non-slip foam particles are highly non- slip effect; in addition, the special add antibacterial factor can effectively prevent the growth of bactertia. Color: Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Red Size: 173 x 61 Cm Thickness: 6 mm PVC Yoga Mat: Rp, 175, 000/ Pcs TPE Yoga Mat: Rp, 325, 000/ Pcs Yoga Towel: Rp: 225.000/Pcs We also provide Yoga Ball, Belt, Towel. We hope we can fulfill your needed in your Yoga product. PLEASE CONTACT US: UNIQUE CARPET & DECORATION JLN. DANAU SUNTER UTARA BLOK G3 NO.17 JAKARTA-INDONESIA 021-6400584 http://www.yogamatjakarta.com