Xtreme Pilates X

A total fitness revolution in only 25 minutes per class! Less time, more intensity, greater results. High Performance Pilates & Elliptical classes

A Australia/ Victoria/ Melbourne/ 146B Station Street, Fairfield VIC 3078, Australia

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Mon-Sun: 06:30-19:30

XTREME PILATES X (XPX) classes bring a new level of breakthrough workouts to you, in the shape of 25 minutes, maximum intensity, full-body resistance classes that deliver on the results you thought weren’t possible. XTREME PILATES X workouts offer a full-body, sensory experience and workout, introducing a mind-blowing audio/visual element that maximises focus and supercharges your experience. Inducing a focus like never before, your maximum intensity, full-body resistance workout results pushes each and every muscle while encouraging improved endurance, increased flexibility and a heightened metabolic rate ideal for fat burning – even while your body is at rest. Under the support of internationally recognised trainers, incredible muscle definition and toning is often seen in two weeks with XPX.