Yoga Diver Gili Islands

The PADI Yoga Diver Retreat is held at Oceans 5 Dive Resort in Gili Air and is designed to help divers become calmer and extend their bottom time.

A Indonesia/ Lombok/ Lombok/ Gili Air

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Mon-Sun: 08:00-18:00

Oceans 5 Dive Resort is nestled in the heart of Indonesia on the tiny island of Gili Air. It’s a serene and inspiring setting, ideal for those who enjoy scuba diving. Being an Instructor Development Centre, Oceans 5 Dive Resort keeps abreast with all the latest trends and forms of diving. So check out our newly-launched course, Yoga Diver Retreat, which introduces another level of understanding and connecting yourself with the water. The PADI Yoga Diver Retreat offers scuba divers the unique and exciting opportunity to fine-tune not only their dive skills, but also their yoga practice. Across the 4 or 6 day retreat, you will learn various Pranayama (breathing), meditation and Dynamic Yoga techniques which will help you to feel even calmer and more relaxed before a dive. Calmer divers tend to enjoy an extended time under water due to the regularity of breath work. Less air consumed equals to more exploration time! The benefits of yoga in diving go beyond improving air consumption and greater achievement in buoyancy. It also promotes an increased sense of well-being and connection with nature. Get on this peace-inducing regime to feel a healthier, more energized and more vitalized, new you. This retreat is designed for Certified Divers (Open Water Level) and certifies participants as PADI Yoga Divers. The course does not require participants to have prior yoga experience, as you’ll be guided expertly and swimmingly, by Giny Pinto, our in-house yoga-diving professional, who has over ten years of teaching experience in both yoga and diving, respectively. Additionally, the course is well-planned and programmed as it gives you an opportunity to gain an Advanced Open Water Diver certification by signing up for just an additional day after the retreat. This PADI Yoga Diving Retreat is an innovative and inspiring course. Be the first to talk about it and share your experiences. It is currently launched exclusively at Oceans 5 Dive Resort, one of the fastest growing PADI IDC Centre situated at the luscious and tranquil Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia.