Yoga Kitchen Valbonne

Erle Astrup and Melanie Gulliver have created the Yoga Kitchen Valbonne- a fusion between a great yoga workout and a social healthy lunch.

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Erle Astrup from YOGAfusion and Melanie Gulliver from The Clever Kitchen have come together to create the Yoga Kitchen Valbonne. Background Info on Erle's Yoga business; YOGAfusion prides itself on providing a blend of Yoga, Pilates & Qi Gong that is relevant to modern living, addressing the demands of today’s lifestyles. Yoga in its classical form can be extremely challenging for the average westerner's busy mind, body and unconditioned spine. This method is the fusion of Eastern & Western, Modern & Ancient techniques designed to enlighten you, rejuvenate you, and send you home with personal energy and inner knowledge to stay in balance. YOGAfusion aims to make Yoga accessible and enjoyable for all, you can begin your practice at any age. You are never too old, too overweight, too unfit, too ill, too injured or too thin. The mix of Yoga & Pilates is particularly suitable for people that suffer from a weak lower back or weak abdominal muscles, incontinence, poor circulation or poor posture. It is also ideal for people that suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis, and postnatal women. All levels of fitness are catered for and the postures and exercises can be modified as necessary. Erle has been teaching for 12 years in French, English & Norwegian. Yoga & Pilates has many benefits, including: • Improving your inner strength or core stability • Weight loss • Protecting and strengthening the lower back • Improving postural awareness • Lengthening and toning muscles • Toning the stomach • Improving breathing and stamina • Improving blood and lymph circulation • Connecting the mind and body Erle is accredited with 500 RYT - Yoga Alliance - Hatha Yoga & Pilates, Yogalates 200 RYT - Yoga Alliance - 5 Element Form, Qi Gong Background Information on Melanie's healthy food business; The Clever Kitchen is the coming together of nutritional enlightenment and practical know how. Using workshops that demonstrate how to use healthy ingredients Susan our licensed nutritionist and Melanie our recipe creator and business brains, show you how to take simple steps to create healthy, nutritional meals, using super foods that are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free. A super food is a food that has a high nutritional value for the calories consumed and one that has no harmful aspects to it. Common super foods are tomatoes, blueberries, avocados. More exotic super foods, that have been used for millennium in other civilisations are maca, spirulina, chia. Leading you through some very simple recipes, you are given the understanding to go home and create more recipes that have high nutritional value.