Yoga Unite Adelaide

Welcome to Yoga Unite Adelaide. Join me to unite the body, mind & soul in our beautiful practice in the Holdfast Bay Community Centre, Hove. Coming soon!

A Australia/ South Australia/ Adelaide/ 51 King George Avenue, Hove SA 5048, Australia

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Timea was trained in Mysore, India where Ashtanga style originates. This style of yoga turns static asanas into a dynamic flow and it helps rejuvenate you and relieve stress. It aims to retain the metabolic and strength benefits of your old regime, while adding flexibility, detoxification, mental clarity, balance and a greater sense of well being. She isn’t your ‘tyical’ yoga teach (if there is such a thing) she enjoys bike riding, trail running and really anything that you can do outside. She understands why yoga is so important to keep up with all the training and stay injury free. Timea offers classes one on one, for corporate institutes and teaches at Holdfast Bay Community Centre.