Zumba fitness & Yoga with Arlyn

Zumba, A fun, exciting and healthy option of partying yourself to good health and fitness! Yoga's benefits include increasing one's strength and flexibility.

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Looking for something different, exciting, easy and fun! Why not try Zumba Fitness with me? Zumba with Arlyn! ZUMBA FITNESS®. MOVING THE WORLD TO A NEW BEAT! Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. For those of you who don’t know what Zumba is, it is basically a form of aerobic workout that is inspired by Latin dances and performed to various styles of international music with fast-paced, cool and exotic beats. The Zumba franchise whose slogan is ‘Ditch the workout, Join the party!’ couldn’t have picked a more apt statement to live by. Not only is Zumba a fantastic way to burn fat and shed the pounds, it is also the most entertaining workout you will ever have. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For anyone who is seeking a workout which is fairly comparable to dancing at a club rather than your boring fitness routine, then you may want to take a look at Zumba exercise. Zumba brings together health, fitness and fun, making use of nearly every muscle in the body while you shake, twist and stomp your way to being fit. Zumba works by using music from the original performers and forgets the aerobics’ class custom of depending on a 32-beat count for each workout. Do not let the party-like environment of Zumba mislead you; if you devote the energy and effort, you can burn off serious fat. Zumba exercise is probably the most fun routine to master specifically for the workout newbie. Although you may have two left feet as well as no experience in dancing, Zumba should be on the list of perfect workouts to include in your fat reducing fitness and health lifestyle. Zumba makes use of strength training in addition to health and fitness interval coaching to boost caloric output, total body toning and fat burning. It’s a technique of mixing quick dancing moves together with steps which condition your body. It is said that this system is both entertaining and addicting. Zumba exercise includes numerous dancing types within the workout including pop, meringue, cumbia, reggaeton, salsa, mambo, flamenco, salsaton, rumba and calypso. The choices of music include both slow and fast tempo so dancers may easily tone and strengthen their body properly. Things you should have to begin your zumba exercise: 1. Be sure you wear comfortable clothing 2. Be sure you wear comfortable footwear 3. Be sure you have a couple towels 4. Be sure you have a bottle of cold water 5. Be sure you have had a good nights sleep beforehand It is not necessary for you to be a great dancer to benefit from Zumba. Instructors choreograph fairly easy workouts which are entertaining, yet manageable to the majority of people. How much calories you burn off during a session is dependent upon how much you perform and also your weight, although you may realistically burn up 500 to 800 calories or even more in a one hour session. Since the dancing steps in Zumba exercise are entertaining, you forget that you are working your back, abs and waistline by twisting your hips and waist. Instead of groaning at the thought of the daily run on the treadmill machine, you will probably find yourself getting excited about a workout which is much like having a party with a group of friends. If you take pleasure in exercising, you are more likely to stay with the workout and experience the health advantages of regular exercise. This is why Zumba is so popular nowadays. People actually enjoy getting out of bed and popping in that DVD or going to their Zumba class to dance their way to better health and fitness. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yoga with Arlyn Yoga is like any other fitness program except that it creates flexibility as a core element that most other exercise regimens omit. Combining yoga with other exercise programs or pursuits creates a fantastic foundation because of the increased flexibility and core strength that is developed within one’s practice. Flexibility from yoga also reduces dramatically the risk of injury.