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The Integrated Yoga Wellness Program. Holistic way of living!

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We offer wellness workshops and exercise programs for groups geared to increase awareness and practice of the science of mind and body, benefits of which fixes any current health and fitness problem, realigning you towards your ideal state of health, vitality, and well-being. Fat-burning and weight-loss are the easiest. Our programs are science-based, student- and goal-oriented, and we walk you through slowly so you appreciate and understand each step. Effects don't just serve you in the present (fitness) but are long-lasting and sustainable for your well-being which keeps you young and happy. The i-Yoga* exercise incorporates energy cultivation breath-work and yoga postures along with relaxation and affirmation techniques that give you holistic benefits: glowing skin, radiant vibe, toned muscles and physique, increased metabolism, elimination of toxins, weight-loss, enhanced immune response, balanced emotions, clear mind, increased sexual magnetism, enhanced self-confidence, enhanced psychic ability, color detection, energy scanning and touch on memory. It retards aging and gives you youthful enthusiasm for that happy boost. It's beginner-friendly so you may begin wherever you are, however you are, experiencing the same effects as any "expert."