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個別教授及可以自行組團體班, 彈性上堂,iYoga Place offers comprehensive programs for the study of Yoga. The practice is based on the methods of the yoga master B.K.S. Iyenger

A Hong Kong/ Hong Kong/ Lai Chi Kok/ Flat 9, 3/F., Winsum Ind Bldg., Castle Peak road, 588, Cheung Sha Wan KLN, HONG KONG

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About iYoga Place At iYoga Place, we love yoga! The character for love in Chinese – 愛 – is pronounced ‘i’, that is why you will find that everyone at iYoga Place loves yoga. iYoga’s Teacher founded iYoga Place to share her love of yoga with students and the community. iYoga Place offers an intimate studio space in Hong Kong which is dedicated to small group practice with a maximum of 12 students in every class. “I want to take care of every student in my class. I want to help them achieve their potential. I want to bring health and happiness to my students through their yoga practice. That is why I believe small group practice is best,” explains iYoga's Teacher Through their practice at iYoga Place, students will experience a greater awareness of the relationship between mind and body. This is best articulated by BKS Iyengar who once